Sunday, 31 August 2008

Back to it then!

Ede will miss the kids when they are at school- she will miss jumping into bed with them in the morning!!

Well the holiday is well and truly over what with- seems like Autumn is here. The kids are back to school on wed. I always have mixed feelings about this on the one hand i can get-on with stuff but i will miss the monkeys- the help they have given me. Poppy loves helping me out in the shop and loved trailing round the vintage trade fair with me at the ungodly hour! I always feel iv been a crap mum at the end of the hols , iv just faced the fact this time i am crap at doing parks etc and I'm better at baking cakes and walks around the river.

We are all dreading the back to it feeling of getting up early and homework - i am always procrastinating the fact THEY ALL HAVE TOO MUCH HOMEWORK!!

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